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2005 Medical Gas Installer renewal

If your Medical Gas Installer certification is based on the 2005 version of NFPA 99 you must renew your certification at http://www.nationalitc.com/.

You will need to print this form and fax it in for your renewal.

Medical Gas Braze Continuity

In order to maintain qualified brazer status you must perform a brazement every six months or less. The proof of this is documented by your employer by completing a braze continuity form. The form should be printed on company stationary and signed by an authorized representative of the company and mailed or faxed to the Denver Plumbers JATC.

The fee for submittal of a continuity letter is $30.00. As soon as this fee is received, the JATC will submit your continuity letter on the NITC website and generate an updated certification card.



Denver Plumbers JATC closes school only when Denver Public Schools closes.

You may use the link below to see if school has closed: http://www.dpsk12.org

Due to the large geographical area we serve, the number of apprentices and the distances some must travel, notification of everyone affected can be impossible.

If the weather in your area is bad enough to constitute a danger when traveling you are urged to visit the web site above and listen to the radio for school closures. In the event that school is closed, makeup days/classes will be scheduled.

If Denver Public Schools closes due to bad weather or other emergencies, closures are announced by 5 a.m. on the district's main phone line at 720-423-3200 and on the DPS web site at http://www.dpsk12.org. Only exceptions to normal school schedules are announced.

Use one of your five absences if needed, but be safe!